Product Description

Wintersun code: 09-019

Sales Specification

Brown Powder (Combination Of Yellow And Red)

Relative Coloring powder (compared with the standard): 98% min
Volatile matter @ 105ºC: 2.5 max
Water soluble matter: 0.2% max
Residue on 45um mesh: 0.5% max
PH of water suspension: 7-9
Oil absorption g/100g: 30-35
Total iron-oxide: 90.0% min
Oil resistance: 5 grade
Water resistance: 5 grade
Alkaline resistance: 5 grade
Acid resistance: 5 grade
Solvent resistance (alcohol resistance methylbenzene resistance): 5 grade
UV absorption: 85% min

Quality Standard

Meet the standard of USP and European Pharmaceutical standard.


In 50 LB paper bag.