Product Description

Wintersun code: 12-006
CAS Number: 52-89-1

Sales Specification

Appearance: White crystalline powder
Identification: Infrared absorption
Specific Rotation: +6.5º ~ +8.9º
State of Solution(Transmittance): Clear and colorless NLT 98.0%
Chloride: 22.30 to 22.60%
Ammonium (NH4): not more than 0.02%
Sulfate (SO4): not more than 0.02%
Iron (Fe): not more than 10ppm
Heavy Metals: not more than 10ppm
Arsenic (AS2O3): not more than 1ppm
Lead (Pb): not more than 5ppm
Cadmium (Cd):not more than 0.3ppm
Mercury (Hg):not more than 0.3ppm
Other Amino Acids:Chromatographically not detected
Loss on Drying: not more than 1.0%
Residue on Ignition (Sulfated): not more than 0.1%
pH:1.5 to 2.0
Particle size: 80% to 90% pass 100 mesh
Bulk Density: –
Tapped Density: –
Total Plate Count: Not more than 1,000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mold: Not more than 100 cfu/g
E. Coli: Negative
Salmonella: Negative


In 25 KG drum