Product Description

Wintersun code: 13-051
CAS Number: 119-36-8
Molecular Formula: C8H8O3
Molecular Weight: 152.15

Sales Specification

Appearance:Colorless to Yellow Liquid
Assay:98.0 – 100.5%
Specific Gravity (@ 25oC):1.180 – 1.185
Refractive Index (@ 25oC):1.535 – 1.538
Solubility in Alcohol:1 ml dissolves in 7 ml of 70% alcohol (may be slightly cloudy)
Acid Value:0.4 Max
Residual Solvent (Methanol):3000 PPM Max
Individual Impurities:0.1% Max
Salicylic Acid:0.1% Max
Dimethyl 4-Hydroxyisophthalate:0.5% Max
Phenol:150 PPM Max
Heavy Metals:20 ug/g Max
Optical Rotation:Optically Inactive
GC Analysis:Meets Standard
Identification (IR):Meets Standard


In 551.15 LB drum