Product Description

Wintersun code: 15-005
CAS Number: 6153-56-6
Molecular Formula: C2H2O4.2H20
Molecular Weight: 126.07

Physical And Chemical Properties

Physical State: Fine White crystal
Melting Point: 101-102°C
Boiling Point: 149-160°C
Specific Gravity: 1.6-1.7
Solubility in Water: 1 g/7ml
Vapor Density: 4.4
NFPA Ratings: Health: 3; Flammability: 1; Reactivity:0
Flash Point: 163 °C
Stability: Stable under ordinary conditions


· Precipitating agent in rare earth mineral processing
· Bleaching agent in the textile activities, wood pulp bleaching
· Rust remover for metal treatment
· Used in commercial rust removers to remove rust stains from tubs and sinks
· Grinding agent, such as marble polishing
· Waste water treatment, removing calcium in water
· Use in cleaning and sterilizing home brewing equipment
· Useful as reducing agent for photography and ink removal
· Used as purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry
· Rock collectors, clean mineral specimens
· Remove food and rust stains from kitchen countertops, plumbing fixtures and fabric

Sales Specification

Appearance:Fine white crystal
Sulphate:<0.08 %
Iron: <0.0002%


In 55.115lb bag, 42 bags per pallet
In 2204.60lb supersac, 1 supersac per pallet